We have arrived

I was kind of shocked when my husband received an email saying he was going to be interviewed by the Department of Defense for a job in South Korea (I didn’t know he applied) but, I do like to move around, and I do like to travel so I started researching and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. When I told my daughter I was moving, I expected negativity about where I was going however, she said, “That’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done.” Now the same didn’t happen when I told some of our friends and other family that we were moving. I got the expected gasps and the main, one singular word question, “Why?” Followed by, “Oh my God, why are you doing that?” Thankfully, I had researched a lot by the time we knew he got the job, and I had plenty of pictures and statistics on my phone so I could whip it out and show people it was not what they thought. I think people were as shocked as I was at how beautiful Seoul really is.

Arriving in Seoul was fairly stressful but not overwhelming. I had never flown overseas, and had very little experience with customs or passports. The added stress was due in part to the fact that we brought a fluffy little boy with us on the plane and he couldn’t stay with us at our hotel so he needed to go through the agricultural inspection/customs and then picked up by a nice lady from the veterinarians office. I thought that it would be harder on him, but he ran off with her as soon as I clipped on his leash, and he didn’t look back. Okay, I might have been a little upset that we were in another country and he just ran off without saying goodbye but, I survived.



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