Jangansa Buddhist Temple 장안사





So, I had a few things on my list that I wanted to do while we were in Busan for our whirlwind two day trip. My husband wanted to take the high speed train there because neither of us had ever been on one. I was quite disappointed in the train and I found that my ears hurt really bad from the pressure. It would have been a lot faster and cheaper for us to just fly from Seoul (Gimpo) to Busan, but now we know. Live and learn I tell ya! The first thing I wanted to do was see the beach, and the second was to go to Jangansa Temple. As far as temples go, I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse but, all in all it was peaceful and pretty. My only real gripe was that part of it was under construction which made it a little bit harder for taking pictures. My husband didn’t feel much like hiking but, as usual, I roped him into walking up the 108 steps. He wasn’t exactly happy when he got to the top and realized it was just “nature”. There was nothing spectacular awaiting us at the top of the steps, but I had fun. When we were leaving we had a little bit of a “foreigner issue”. There were no cabs and I hadn’t seen a bus. Thankfully, we ran into two nice Korean ladies who called a cab for us to get back to our hotel since we had no idea how the bus system worked or when it would arrive and the lady from the cab company just kept sighing and hanging up on me lol 🙂 Props to these ladies who were nice enough to stand with us until our designated cab arrived. PS: Cab in Korean = 택시or taegsi (which sounds suspiciously like taxi) Who knew?

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