Fat Quarter Heat packs

If you are crafty and lucky enough to live in Seoul, you might have heard of a little place called, The Happy Quilt. I heard all these amazing things about it and I couldn’t wait to go check it out so off me and my friend went, in search of amazing fabric deals. Well…., we spent 5 hours in what can only be described as the crafting mecca of the world and never found it. I’m talking over 30,000 booths in one location. No I am not exaggerating, I promise. We walked, and walked, and walked….and even got chased down an aisle by an older Korean woman who proceeded to yell at my friend for taking pictures in the Crafting Holy Land. We went to the information booth to try to located this Happy Quilt (I had the booth number and everything) and the nice little lady couldn’t tell me where it was. We walked a little more, bound and determined to locate this place, I snapped some more photos inside and then we left. Very disappointed. The very next day the crafting gods were smiling upon me…I was at the Dragon Hill Lodge on our military base for something completely unrelated and lo and behold who do I see with a booth set up? That’s right, Happy Quilt. This little piggy, ran, ran, ran, all the way to the bank….

The fat quarters I bought sat in my craft room for several weeks when they started calling my name. I could hear them saying, “don’t leave me all alone” ha ha…so, I complied with their wishes. I really had no idea what I wanted to do but whatever it is, it has to be quick (no patience I tell ya!) My friends birthday happened to be coming up so I thought it would be nice to make a homemade basket filled with fat quarter projects. I started with a lavender scented microwaveable heat pack for her. This was soooo simple. I folded one fat quarter in half and sewed up 2 sides (inside out). Then turning the fat quarter right side out, filled with a small amount of lavender rice (white rice with a few drops of lavender) and some flax seed (to make the pack lighter and more flexible). Sewed another line to hold the rice/seed in place and continued to fill with more lavender rice/seed. You get the picture. Finally sewed up the end and it was done! The bigger pack is just 2 fat quarters sewed together like a pillow with thinner more tightly compacted rice compartments but still, same idea as the first. This size makes a nice lap warmer. I happen to use my handy Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 for these projects. If you are interested in a decent sewing machine that has 600 stitches this is a good option. Check it out below.



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