I finally found the holy grail marketplace for fabric in Seoul! I went a little crazy and bought a lot I mean, a lot of fabric. I really didn’t have anything in mind when I picked out all these amazing colors and prints, but I figured my mind would just start getting creative if I looked at it long enough….and then, I decided for my first project to create what could be a wall hanging or a placemat. I didn’t want it to have identity issues lol, so I’m just going to let it be whatever it wants to be in the moment haha! I started out with a light white on white fabric which has a nice paisley print and used my amazing Big Shot Plus machine to cut out some red, black and gold Asian print fabric. I used fabric glue to stick the pieces to the white fabric and stitched around the edges with a small zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. I attached two white pieces at each end to make the piece a bit longer and added a white back and quilted away! The finished piece is the bottom picture and today it is playing the part of placemat lol! Happy creating 🙂 CAA288CF-18C6-4602-BB21-4F96D00AEB50EE00F6CB-D416-474D-B43E-CB04763C490DF3E73D3E-FA9F-4E09-AD69-4690C44D8389FEB00D54-3108-4E5D-AF3D-110FC9FBF18349EB7ACE-AC07-4536-9551-A3E0C20A7E577A99E514-C51C-450F-9FB8-F6C51B24954B


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