About me

IMG_7550I am married with two children that are in college, and I also have two furry children. I love to eat and really love to cook/bake. (I tried to do the Vegan thing, but failed miserably because I have a really hard time not eating dairy and seafood) so I’m giving the semi-vegetarian thing a try for the second time in my life. There’s probably not a veggie out there that I don’t like and if were forced to pick a favorite food it would be any form of tomato! (Salsa, Marinara, etc.) I love traveling and taking pictures. I have been to most of the 50 states, (excluding Alaska) and have been to Mexico and Canada. Since moving to Korea, my husband and I have been to the Philippines and Japan (Oh, and  if you count the Joint Security Area/Demilitarized Zone I have stood in North Korea for all of 2 minutes, but hey…I’m counting it). In my life, I have lived in Massachusetts, Vermont (twice), California, Southern Nevada (twice), Florida, Colorado, Northern Nevada, and now…Seoul, South Korea. In my spare time I love to do all types of crafts- sewing/quilting, crocheting, jewelry making, painting, drawing, etc. Just about anything you could craft, I have probably tried, including traditional rug hooking. My biggest problem going to craft fairs is looking at things I like and saying, “I can do that”. Hundreds of dollars later………………….(I digress). Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hope you will be inspired by something here!